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    The three things that I value and love most are my faith, my family, and my country. I was blessed to grow up in the Rio Grande Valley, where I experienced firsthand and learned to appreciate the hard work of good people like the farmers, ranchers, and citrus growers of that region of South Texas whose efforts benefit so many. One of these people was my father, who worked for John Deere for 50 years before retiring, although you will still occasionally find him in the fields of South Texas interacting with local farmers. I relocated to San Antonio to attend college and hold an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from UTSA and a Master of Business Administration degree from Our Lady of the Lake University. My first employer was the HEB Grocery company, where I worked throughout high school and college and where I eventually met a recruiter that led me to USAA, where my career spanned 29 years in the disciplines of customer service, management, strategy, innovation, and competitive intelligence. From the examples set by my mother and father and the values they instilled in me, I learned the value of hard work and service to others. Working at HEB and USAA, I learned how to apply these values to provide world-class customer service, which I will always strive to provide to my real estate clients.

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